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I spent the afternoon reading lots of great blogs from people in my accounting class. I gave lots of students feedback on the content in there blog. However I had to make a list of just my top three blogs. So I wanted to quickly post on her my three favourite with links and also a little description as to why I like them.


Ashleigh did a great job on her blog. She was very clear about what her company does. She also added lots of easy to rea, useful information about her company. I enjoyed her post ‘The Journey Begins’ as it highlights her lifestyle, what she does and also her goals. It’s so interesting to see all the different people studying this unit.

Shaun was also one of my top three favourite blogs because of how enthusiastic and excited he seems abot his blog and his company. He’s got a number of really good posts about his company and about himself. It’s excellent that he included not only great facts about his company but also his honest and personal opinions.

Greg also made my top three because he honestly discussed his concerns with using technology and having to create a blog which I related to. He alsohad a look into other people company and commented on them to compare and contrast them to his own company.

These blogs are definitely worth a look at 🙂


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Hello, my name is Jess and I'm studying a bachelor of business and a bachelor of accounting. I'm from Airlie Beach in North Queensland and moved to Brisbane in February to study at University.

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